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    VWR enable science by supplying critical products to the world’s top companies in the pharmaceutical, biotech, industrial, educational, governmental and healthcare industries. It provides to the customers an expansive choice of premiere products, such as chemicals, furniture, equipment, instruments, apparel and consumables, from a vast group of leading scientific manufacturers.

    Headquartered in Radnor, Pennsylvania, VWR does more than simply supply products – it keeps the world’s most critical research moving forward. VWR’s expertise in supply chain and logistical services enables customers to fully focus on their areas of expertise. From managing procurement processes to integrating supply chains, VWR helps specialized research facilities and labs operate at maximum efficiency.

    With over 8,000 associates in more than 35 countries, VWR’s global footprint continues to expand and holds to the principle that clients benefit from the accessibility and familiarity of local sales teams.

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