• Lighting
  • Lighting Up the Future with Merck

    Today’s lighting technologies, with halogen bulbs and fluorescent lamps, have developed out of the traditional light bulb. For environmental reasons, much attention has been paid to energy saving light bulbs up to now.

    Most conventional products available on the market, however, still contain substances which are harmful to the environment. In contrast, inorganic LEDs (light emitting diodes) are extremely environmentally friendly and completely energy efficient. For these reasons, they are being used more often in commercial lighting products. LEDs allow objects to appear in their natural color (high CRI Color Rendering Index), while good dimmability is just one of the other factors which sets them apart from energy saving bulbs.

    Meanwhile, the next generation of lighting sources is currently being developed in research laboratories around the world: so-called OLEDs (organic light emitting diodes) can generate light from purely organic compounds. This technology will open up new opportunities in technology and application. In close cooperation with market leaders, Merck is a reliable partner in the development of innovative materials for the future technologies of LEDs and OLEDs.

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